Say yes to a
Better way to travel

When you fly privately with Flight Group Corporation, luxury is in the details.

Say yes to a
Better way to travel

When you fly privately with Flight Group Corporation, luxury is in the details.

About us

Say yes... to a better way to travel

Flight Group Corporation, located at Raleigh Durham International Airport, was built upon the idea that a personal relationship makes travel a luxury experience.  Our CEO, a pilot and private business traveler himself, has strived to create a private jet charter and management service that kept personalized treatment, safety and security, and comfort and quality of experience first and foremost.  At FGC, we believe that this client centered approach, to both private owner and charter flights, sets us apart.

When you fly privately, luxury is in the details.  From planning all aspects of your trip with our pleasant and professional dispatchers, to arriving for the flight and driving directly to your aircraft, then boarding and being welcomed by a familiar crew, who will provide outstanding inflight care specifically tailored to your preferences and expectations. You arrive safely and smoothly with all desired arrangements made, and your personal transportation waiting.  Each element of your private owner or charter flight is personally attended to, providing our clients with a level of comfort and familiarity most charter jet services can’t match.  


We provide a complete management solution, from acquiring your private aircraft, to placing it in service with a seasoned and personable flight crew, scheduling, maintaining, insuring, storing, and cleaning, complete accounting oversight, charter revenue production as desired, and long-term planning for your aircraft’s upkeep and upgrades. You may also prefer a la carte selection of these professional services to support an established flight operation. Whatever your requirements, Flight Group Corporation will provide you with a detailed proposal to meet those needs and maintain your aircraft operation to the highest level of safety and service at all times.


Indulge in the art of private air travel with Flight Group Corporation, located at Raleigh Durham International Airport. Our luxury state-of-the-art fleet of privately owned aircraft, highly trained and seasoned flight crews, and concierge service throughout every stage of flight provides refined travelers in the Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, NC areas with an aircraft charter experience that is second to none. With access to thousands of commercial and private airports worldwide, our clients travel to global financial centers, domestic business destinations, and exclusive vacation spots around the world safely and securely, on their own schedule, and in a style that suits them.


We take your safety seriously. Of Flight Group Corporation’s countless accomplishments, we are most proud of our perfect safety record. Our seasoned team of pilots has collectively logged hundreds of thousands of hours of flight time. Each aircraft in our fleet is maintained by our experienced maintenance staff, who keep your aircraft in peak condition between flights. Specialized cabin cleaning occurs after every flight and flying privately means that you know and control everyone who flies with you, which is priceless in today’s environment of health and security concerns.

Since 1994


Years Experience

For nearly three decades, Flight Group Corporation has set the standard for refined private flight services, both for our aircraft owners, and our private jet rental clientele throughout the Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, NC areas. With our professional team members, our unparalleled fleet, and the thousands of private airports available worldwide, we possess all the tools to meet the travel needs of each of our clients, whatever they may be. Please come join our family of clients and let us begin to care for your travel plans today.


A first-class experience
for everybody aboard.

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