The Citation CJ3 has a well designed and efficient cabin for up to seven passengers (8th on the belted lav), and makes private jet travel available at a great value.


Seats7 PAX (8th seat belted lav)
Range1400 NM
Wifi/PhoneAircell Phone
EntertainmentFlight Display/AC Outlets
Luggage65 Cubic Feet
Cabin Width
4 feet 10 inches
Cabin Length
15 feet 8 inches
Cabin Height
4 feet 9 inches

Citation CJ3 Private Jet

Boasting a meticulously designed and efficient cabin, the Citation CJ3 offers a compelling private jet experience for up to seven passengers, with the eighth on a belted lav. Providing excellent value, this aircraft ensures comfortable accommodations for seamless travel across the Eastern U.S. and the Caribbean. With an unparalleled blend of luxury and efficiency, the CJ3 stands out as an exceptional entry-level fanjet, making it an ideal choice for clients seeking private aircraft charter services.

Citation CJ3 Range and Performance

With simplicity and elegance, the Cessna CJ3 delivers comfortable transportation for passengers and their luggage at speeds of 400 knts (460 mph) to altitudes of 45,000 feet. It can fly nonstop up to 1,400 nm, and can operate out of more private airpots than many of its peers, allowing the closest access to your desired destinations.

Citation CJ3 Interior and Amenities

This aircraft is equipped with satellite communications keeping you connected throughout the flight, and the onboard in flight map display provides a constant update of your progress toward the destination. A fully stocked refreshment center provides snack and beverage options during you travels, and a flushing lavatory is available in the rear of the comfortable and well appointed cabin.