How To Book a Private Charter Flight in Raleigh

Things to Know Before You Fly Private

What is a Private Charter Flight?

A Definition, An Experience

At Flight Group Corporation, we’ve spent decades perfecting the art of private air travel. We offer our clients the highest quality private air travel services available. At Flight Group Corporation, we believe in the elegance of a tailored service, and the value of the private charter experience.

As a definition, a private charter flight is the rental of an aircraft for personal or business travel. This means that no other people are on the plane beyond you, your guests, and the staff. As a part of your experience, you’ll have a dedicated aircraft and private flight crew for your trip. During your private flight, your crew can provide you with custom services and amenities including meals, snacks, and beverages at request.

How To Book a Private Charter Flight in Raleigh

How Flight Group Corporation Makes It Easy

So, how do you go about scheduling a private charter flight in Raleigh? 

Booking your private flight with Flight Group Corporation can be accomplished either by phone or by email at your convenience. Our elite professionals are trained to provide top-quality service, including charter flight booking and support services, such as complimentary automobile cleaning services. All of our client services are designed to accommodate your specific needs throughout the flight process, and provide you with the best experience possible.

Our Fleet

As a pilot himself, our founder is dedicated to flying premium jets that are not only safe and secure, but are capable of offering an exceptional flight experience. On our fleet page, you can view the details of each private aircraft’s details and amenities. If one catches your eye, our team can work with you to secure a time and date for your One of our largest aircrafts in our fleet, the Bombardier Challenger 350, can handle trans-atlantic flights and cross-country departures and carry up to nine people in the hull. Our Cessna XLS, which can handle up to eight passengers and fly as far as the Caribbean, is another popular choice for private air travel. At Flight Group Corporation, we offer our private travel clients a variety of planes to fit their specific needs and flight details.

We do this work because we believe that luxury air travel should be the experience of a lifetime, every time. Whether you fly with us a hundred times or just once, you will walk away having known what it’s like to soar the skies in comfort. We do this, in part, by ensuring all of our planes are clean, safe, and ready for your departure. Our pilots are selected after extensive screenings, training, and thousands of logged flight hours. All of our planes receive regular maintenance and are thoroughly cleaned between each departure to ensure sanitation and safety for both our clients and personnel.

The Quote Process

Once you’ve connected with our team, our crew will handle every element of your travel experience. We will begin the process of developing a quote for your flight and setting up crew itineraries. Our team takes down information about your journey, including the number of guests, destination, and more. From there, they will plan, schedule, and oversee every arrangement to your specifications. 

In addition, if situations change and you need to reschedule, we can assist in adjusting your flight. We only request that you try to provide as much notice as possible so that we may accommodate you properly. We understand that your time is highly valuable and seek to honor that by making our processes simple, effortless, and streamlined.

What to Expect on Your First Flight

How We Do It Differently

For nearly three decades, we’ve worked diligently to craft a one-of-a-kind flight experiences for our clientele. With us, your experience begins before the plane ever leaves the airport. Based out of Raleigh Durham International Airport, our fleet of private aircrafts, including Bombardier Challenger 350, Cessna XLS, Beechcraft, are meticulously maintained, managed and prepared for your private air travel experience. 

Upon arrival at Raleigh Durham International Airport, you’ll be greeted by our trained and dedicated staff. Our spaces are clean, organized, and designed with your comfort in mind. Over the course of your flight, the crew and staff will work to accommodate and anticipate your every need, including blankets, snacks, beverages, and even full meals. Even after your landing and departure, we will be there to help you with any luggage or transportation needs. From wheels up to wheels down, we strive to surpass expectations. If you are ready for the luxury experience, discover why Flight Group Corporation is the diamond standard in private jet charters when you book today.

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If you are ready to schedule your trip, connect with our team here for your private charter flight in Raleigh. We would be more than happy to discuss pricing, flight paths, and any other questions that you may have.

Not sure which plane is right for your needs? Check out our available fleet here. We have a wide variety of aircrafts that are sure to fit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!